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Family Therapy Bloomington

The importance of FAMILY THERAPY in addiction treatment

Whether directly or indirectly, addiction invariably affects family members.  People in addiction typically try to hide their substance abuse from their loved ones. This is due in part to the stigma that has been attached to drug abuse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) people in addiction were thought to be morally flawed and lacking in willpower which shaped society’s punishment rather than prevention responses to drug abuse.

Years of scientific research, however, has highlighted the significance of family therapy in addiction treatment. The incorporation of family therapy in drug intervention programs is now a common practice.  When substance abuse is influenced by genetics or living environment, family therapy is usually recommended. This has been effective in helping children and spouses to understand the addiction and how they can help rather than hinder the recovery process. Family therapy also facilitates the understanding of biological and environmental factors that contribute to the development of addiction.  

How Families Perpetuate Addiction

Studies show spousal interactions as a contributing factor in the onset and maintenance of substance abuse. Any family member who adopts enabling patterns of behavior can perpetuate addiction. These may include:

  1. Absolving the addict of normal responsibilities because of drug use.
  2. Making excuses to employers when the individual has to be absent due to inebriation, being hungover, suffering withdrawal symptoms or too “high”.
  3. Giving them money when you know that they are most likely going to use it to purchase drugs or alcohol. This activity is, in essence, feeding the drug habit.  
  4. Cleaning up after them because they are too drunk or high to help themselves.  This could include removing evidence of drug use so other members of the family or friends do not find out about the addiction.  This removes all consequences for chronic drug use.
  5. Transporting the addict because of fear that they may hurt themselves.
  6. Avoiding conflicts at all cost.  Acting as a buffer between the addict and others who try to confront them about their addiction.

Enabling behavior reinforces the addictive behavior and communicate to the addict that there are no real consequences to their behavior. This inevitably delays recovery. In one way or another enabling affect the overall mental health of the entire family unit.  Enabling also set up subtleties that impair the relationship between family members on varying levels.  This can lead to heightened stress levels and frustration as the addiction continues to deplete income and disrupt family life.  

Addiction Family Therapy

Family therapy is professional psychotherapy work with addicts and members of their family unit. This is a scientifically based treatment intervention that educates and counsel in order to effect change in relationships dealing with substance abuse of one or more members. This treatment module utilizes a range of therapeutic techniques which may include structural, strategic, narrative and transgenerational therapeutic practices to name a few.

Addiction is a progressive condition that if left untreated can cause enduring and, in some cases, irreversible physical and emotional deterioration.  Trying to “fix” the problem without professional help can perpetuate the condition and create conflict and confusion. The negative impact on family life often leads to chronic dysfunction within the family unit or dissolution of it.

Drug Treatment Centers Bloomington provide various family therapy services for families struggling with addiction.  Our drug intervention programs help to start the process of getting the person in addiction into a treatment program.  A Professional interventionist help with all stages of a drug intervention including overseeing the process if necessary.  Family therapy can make a significant difference in relapse rates when family members understand the dynamics of providing appropriate support.  

If you have a loved one in your family that is battling an addiction get help today by calling Drug treatment Centers Bloomington at (812) 269- 3909.  Our counselors are available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns regarding addiction and family therapy.  

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